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Children's Dentistry - Leesburg

Dr. Cowell, Dr. Varney and their team of Leesburg Dentists and Dental Care Professionals love working with kids! At Loudoun Dental Smiles, we have a wealth of experience dealing with children of all ages. Our play area is great for kids that might be waiting for their appointment, or just enjoying their time waiting for Mom or Dad.

Our Leesburg dental office regularly cares for the dental needs of children as young as three years old. However, if you notice that your child has a problem with his or her teeth or gums prior to this age, please schedule an appointment. You may also want to bring your child to your dental checkup when he or she is about two so that your child can become familiar with the sights, sounds, and friendly helpers in our dental office. We call this introduction a “Happy Visit,” although we like to make appointments for all of our patients happy!

Your child’s independent checkup at age three will involve a tooth-by-tooth inspection and gingival exam. The dentist will check for proper development, as well as tooth decay and other areas of concern. As your child grows, he or she will need regular checkups and hygiene visits to ensure optimal oral health. Our team will also teach both parents and children oral homecare techniques so that your child can learn how to effectively brush and floss with your help first, and eventually on their own. The dentist may recommend dental sealants or fluoride supplements- sealants are thin, clear coatings that protect hard-to-clean back teeth from sugars that cause tooth decay. Fluoride attracts other minerals to strengthen tooth enamel and ward off cavities. Because most bottled water does not contain fluoride, your child may be deficient in this essential mineral. Therefore, sealants and fluoride supplements are quick and easy protective measures that can save your little one from cavities. In some cases, the doctor may refer children to pedodontists, who are specialists in children’s dentistry. We will help you make the most informed choice possible, and to steer you towards the best options for your child’s unique and precious personality!

At Loudoun Dental Smiles, we’re excited to help your children learn the importance of proper oral health from a young age. Call us today to schedule a Happy Visit, checkup, or cleaning today!

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