Healthy Smiles Membership Club

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Why Join the Club?

Not to be confused with dental insurance, the Healthy Smiles Membership Plan allows our patients to save on the cost of dental treatment through a yearly membership which includes a variety of benefits, including annual cleanings, emergency care, doctor exams, x-rays, and more!

Annual Fee = $495

Additional Members

  • Adult (Ages 15+) = $395
  • Child (Ages 7–14) = $325
  • Child (Ages 6 & Under) = Free*

Perio Upgrade = $375

  • 2 additional periodontal cleanings
  • 2 additional flouride treatments per year

*1 free child 6 years old or younger per paid adult member

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Member Benefits

Annual Cleanings

Maintaining a routine twice-yearly checkup schedule is very likely to reduce your potential for serious dental problems.

Emergency care

In case of an emergency, our membership includes an emergency evaluation separate from standard cleanings and doctor exams.

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Specialist Network

As a Healthy Smiles Club member, you’ll receive excellent care and discounts from our network endodontist and oral surgeon.

Annual Doctor Exams

In addition to your biannual cleanings, routine exams with your dentist will help you stay on track with your oral hygiene and health.

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Flouride Treatments

Flouride helps to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities, and although it’s found naturally in water, plants, and the air, additional treatments help.

$500 Invisalign Credit

Have you always wanted straighter teeth? Clear plastic orthodontics offer smiling perfection and tooth-straightening to patients like you.

All necessary x-rays

X-rays give us a in-depth look at your teeth and allow us to best prepare you to keep up with your good dental health and maintenance.

Discount Tag

20% Off

Dental service costs can add up over time, but our Healthy Smiles Members receive 20% off all dental services. Terms apply.

No Deductible

With our membership plan, there’s no annual deductible, no annual maximum, and no waiting period to start receiving benefits.

Join the Club!

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